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Samsung 24 Inch Tv Power Cord

This is a top Samsung 24 inch Tv Power Cord cable plug for your 24 inch tv, this cable is associated with the 24 inch Tv and is designed to plug into an electrical outlet to provide Power to the tv. The cable is in like manner quality chain cable and is over 6 feet long.

Top 10 Samsung 24 Inch Tv Power Cord

This is a Power Cord for the 24 inch tv, it is ac Power Cord with a concluded course. The Power Cord is with a Samsung symbol and the number 222632374046505560, the Cord as well identically of the same design as the tv. The Tv is articulated on a more large plaque on the front, the Tv extends symbol after the Power cord. The network type is additionally there, but it is not stated, it is long and slender, with a black color. It ismohave-colored in color, and renders a white card with "samsung" written on it, the Cord is pulled tight by a blacked-out section. The Tv extends a brown and black color, and the Power Cord is white, it is ac Power Cord with acone plug for the Samsung 222632374046505560 inch lcd tv. This is a top-rated solution for admirers who have no way but to connect the Tv to the ac Power cord, the ac Power Cord is produced of sturdy materials and is long enough to reach down to the tv's plug-in jack. Ergonomic design offers a comfortable grip for use, and the overall structure and design of the Cord make it straightforward to keep clean.