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Hummer H2 24 Inch Wheels

This set of four 17x10 wheels rimmed with chrome is perfect for your automobiles of all years and models. These wheels are lite weight and easy to work with, making them perfect for driving through wet or wetters conditions. The set includes four 17x10 wheel sizes which will fit most cars.

Hummer H2 24 Inch Wheels Walmart

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Hummer H2 24 Inch Wheels Amazon

This is a perfect wheel set for a hummer h2. The 17 inch wheels give the truck a high level of performance. The black color is stylish and eyecatching. this is a great option for a truck or van that need good wheels. The wheels are 18 inches in diameter and will increase the width of the vehicle by up to 30 inches. the hummer h2 24 inch wheels are the perfect upgrade for your vehicle. With their m12 design, they provide ample space for all your daily drive needs. The wheels are also 8x6. 5 in size which makes them perfect for racing or racing other vehicles. this wheel is for the hummer h2 24 inch wheels. It is made of durable materials and makes for a comfortable ride.