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Dell 24 Inch Monitor P2419h

Dell's 24-inch led monitor is the perfect balance of performance andlooks great with any decor. Keep your work area looking like a beauty queen's dream home with this sleek and powerful monitor.

Dell 24 Inch Monitor: P2419h

The dell 24 inch monitor is a great choice for small businesses or home businesses. It has a high-quality display and is affordable. the monitor has a 24 inch screen size. It has a high-quality resolution of 1, 4 million colors. It is easy to ana-lawverify. The monitor also has a standard hdmi input and a standard 24inch. Org input. It also has a standard usb input and a standard wear-and- tear connection. It is also a great choice for anyone who wants a affordable monitor that can be used for work or home schooling.

Dell P Series 24-inch

The dell p series 24-inch led-backlit anti-glare ips monitor is perfect for those who want the best computing experience. With a crisp, white display, this monitor offers 24 in-game displays and up to 60 frames-per-minute gaming performance. Other features include a detachable cable and aonenate power cord. this is an inventory item that has been available from the dell web store for a little over a week now. It's a 24 inch monitor that is located in the us. And it's said to be a pure deal, as it's been available for a fraction of the price of other prices. And it's said to be cracked in the past few minutes. this dell p2419h 24 inch hd 1920x1080 led ips monitor is a great choice for those that need a monitor that can handle a large amount of data quickly and easily. This monitor has a native resolution of 24 inches and is equipped with an digital backlight that ensures easy viewing experience. This monitor also includes an wqf (analog visual cortex) algorithm that provides even brightness and smooth color movement. With its built-in 1tb hard drive, this monitor is should do just fine for up to 10 hours of viewing content at up to 2k resolution. this is a damaged dell 24 inch monitor p2419h 24 in length. It is only 7 inch in width which is not very high end. The monitor has a 24 in width and it is damaged due to the screen being injured. The screen is original and in great condition.