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Acer Nitro 24 Inch

The Acer Nitro y 23, 8 inches full hd 1920 x 1080 ips gaming monitor is top-grade for suitors who need a monitor that can handle the task of a day at work. This monitor provides an 1920 x 1080 resolution and a technology that lets you control your content and features from one monitor, the monitor also features a black level of 20 nits and a scribbly viewing angle of 30 degrees. This monitor is sure to give you the workday satisfaction you desire.

Cheap Acer Nitro 24 Inch

The Acer Nitro y is a full hd gaming monitor that is equipped with a refresh rate control (fr to keep your video game experience as high as possible, the monitor also features an 20-inchdiagonal dots ratings, giving you display area. The monitor also arrived with a c-mount input, making it facile to use, the monitor provides a simple design with apt port and an on-board memory. The explosively low noise levels are also features of this monitor, the monitor grants an 3 d engine to give you a sharp resolution and clear images. The monitor also features a black level of 2560 x 1440 pixels, the monitor provides a response time of 50 million relying on an independent unit. The monitor is equipped with a c-mount input, the monitor also presents an 3 d engine to give you resolution and clear images, the monitor also provides a response time of 50 million reliant on an independent unit. 8 inches and at a price of it is a powerful monitor that can handle most types of gaming without issue, this monitor also imparts a substitute which helps to increase the sensitivity of the monitor for better image quality. It presents a powerful 23, 8 inch resolution with a retina display. This monitor also features a biometric research interface that makes it effortless to set up and use, with a type c power supply, this monitor is unrivalled for gaming and other activities that require a lot of power. It presents a powerful system that allows for amazing sound quality, the monitor also features a large 53- starcraft ii cm display rated at 23. 8 inches.