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24 Inch Stools

The 24 inch Stools are great for a modern dining room, they are adjustable to suit people in and are leather-coated for durability. They offers a modern design with an insignia on the seat, these Stools come with a menu and strength-slinging tool for an unrivaled cooked meal.

24 Inch Chair With Back

This counter height 24 h chair offers a rear bipedal position and is produced of heavy gauge steel, it provides two saddling bench sides which provide a comfortable and sturdy seat. The backrest is produced of luxury fabric and the arms are made of sturdy wood, it is sure to accommodate everyone, since it have back height of 29 in addition to a seltzer-grip rubber feet. The howard 24 inch metal stackable stool set of 4 gunmetal colors backless style is a top-grade solution for any modern kitchen, with its stylish backless style, this stool will make your kitchen look and feel more like a living room. This 24-inch Stools set is excellent for a modern kitchen, the modern design means that these Stools are effortless to clean and move around. The counter space is big enough to tailor all of your kitchen's ingredients, so you can easily cook your food, the Stools are also comfortable to sit in and are good for busy families. This contemporary design is a fantastic for busy urban restaurants that need to function as a large open dining room, the 24 inch bar Stools are adjustable to a comfortable height and have leather coverings for protection and durability. These chairs are also indoor-ossity friendly, meaning they can be used for or weekly service style dining.