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24 Inch Shower Head Extension Arm Brushed Nickel

This 24 inch Shower Head Extension Arm is a top alternative for a rainforest or living room with a mix of different shapes and sizes, with different colors and sizes to tailor any room, this Arm can help you to add a touch of elegance to your room. Also top-of-the-line for use with software or a shower, this Arm extends a rustic look and feel that will make you stand out from the crowd, buy 24 inch Shower Head Extension arm, stainless steel, 60 cm, Brushed nickel, and add a touch of luxury to your room with this amazing piece of technology.

24 Inch Shower Head Extension Arm

This 24 inch Shower Head Extension Arm is a valuable alternative for suitors with a rainforest feel, it's made of 60 cm of stainless steel, and it provides a square design that will give your Shower Head scouring something like a charge. The Arm options to add or water capacity, and it comes with a warranty, this large Extension Arm is sensational for 12 inch rain showerheads. It extends an 11 inch adjustable Arm that can handle the biggest rain certainties, the heavy-duty construction means that this Arm will keep your Shower Head in top condition. Plus, the Brushed Nickel finish is sure to make a difference in your appearance, the Extension Arm is fabricated of stainless steel, and provides a chrome the raincoat provides a rain index card that indicates the number of millimeters of water droplets that can fall out of the Arm in a time-frame. This 24 inch Shower Head Extension Arm is top-rated for lovers with a shower, the 24 inch Shower Head Extension Arm is a chrome plated stainless steel Arm that can be used in place of a standard Shower head. It is fabricated to accommodate standard Shower heads of 24 inches or greater in length, the Extension Arm gives a g- terminal, which allows for other devices like sound systems or cameras. The Arm can even act as a control for a video production system.