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24 Inch Cadillac Escalade Factory Rims

This is a great set of black 22 inch escalade wheels that you can use for your subwoofer, vehicle, or just for fun! The four yukon tahoe suburban oem factory gm style wheels are a great way to add a touch of luxury to your car.


22" inch 22 x9" Wheels for Cadillac Escalade Gloss Black Rims CK156

By Cadillac OEM Factory Replica Wheels



24" inch 24 x10" Wheels for Cadillac Escalade Satin Black Rims CK156

By Cadillac OEM Factory Replica Wheels


Escalade With 24 Inch Rims

The 24 inch rims are the perfect size for those who are looking for a confident drive. They are durable and will last long with their 18 inchhubbies. You can escalation with them to find the right car for you.

Escalade On 24 Inch Rims

Our escalade wheels are a perfect fit for your upcoming 24 inch chrome 2022 chevy ck157 cadillac escalade. These wheels are made of durable materials that will make your car look like the standard capital j. this escalade rim is 6x5. 5 with perfect fit for your car. The foreground chrome is from the latest celeb appearance network, making this rim the perfect choice for a high-quality car. this is a great example of a original oem factory gm rim spec 24 inch escalade wheel. The rims are 23 inch wheels and these are ideal for a variety of applications. The cadillac escalade wheel is a high-quality wheel that is sure to last. the factory gm cadillach escalade wheel is a great choice for those looking for an oem wheel. Thewheel is available in 22 inch and 29 inch sizes. The the escalade wheel is a high-quality wheel that is made with precision in the usa. It is made of heavy-gauge silver chrome, and it features 22 inches of width. These wheels are sure to make your car look good in black or other dark colors.