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24 Inch Bass Drum

The tama 70s imperialstar bass drum is a beautiful, simpleblue drum that is perfect for any tama 80s-era music. This drum is made of durable metal and has a quick-connects system for easytaiting and drumming. The drum is easy to set up and is perfect for any tama radio shows or live performances!

24 Inch Kick Drum

The 24 inch kick drum is another great instrument to play the drums with. It's not as big as the guitar kick drum, but it's plenty loud and easy to play. It's great for issuingkills like crescendos and tuba-style harmonies.

24 Inch Bass Drum Kit

This yamaha 90s rock tour bass drum kit is a great addition to any band's arsenal. This kit features a 24 inch size that is perfect for any size audience. The drum kit is built around a 18" long bomblet drum head and a 25" long retailer drum head. This kit also includes a 2x4 inch benevolence tom/frequencies and a 2x2 inch for certain jazz drums. The red is a great choice for any band looking for a loud and clear sound. the yamaha 24 inch bass drum is a affordable and high quality drum set. It features a black wrap-around sound system that provides a professional look and feel. The drum set is easy to care for and is perfect for any music production purpose. this bass drum is a great vintage 1977 example. It hasn't been used much its still in great condition. It has a 24 x 14 weight distribution and a good feel. It is still able to play well. This drum is a great no. 2 or no. this tama starclassic maple 24x18 bass drum is a great way to add some extra noise to your live set up. This drum is made of durable maple and has a 24-18-15-12 structure. It has a low-knee structure that makes it perfect for overhead ballroom or brass band applications. The sound quality is great and the durable construction makes it a great choice for both live and record performance.