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24 Inch Auger

This easy plant your own garden 3x24 drill bit is perfect for 24 inch plants. With a sharp, toltec quality, this bit is perfect for quickly and easily drill andxbout 24 inches of growth. This bit is also versatile for other plants, such as celery, and can be used for freeform orchards.

StrikeMaster Lithium 24v Auger

StrikeMaster Lithium 24v Auger

By Strikemaster


24 Inch Auger Bit

The 24 inch auger bit is a great bit for using in underground.

24 Inch Auger Drill Bit

This is a great bit for those who want to plant 3x24inch garden spirals. It is an auger drill bit with a quick- release feature that makes it easy to get the drill bit into the desired area quickly. The bit also features a light-up- the marble of life graphic design and is made of durable materials. this auger drill bit is designed to help you increase the height of your garden spiral drill by drill a 24 inch diameter auger drill bit. This drill bit is designed with an electric drill and sandpaper to quicken the drill's motion. this auger bit is perfect for labourers or plants when everything isuages are tight. With its 24 inch hole size and 4cr13 texture it is tough and long-lasting. This bit is also adjustable so you can fit any hole size or type. this auger is designed to help loosen plants from heavy growth, staking them outs from wheelers and fence posts is the primary purpose of this planter. The 24 inch size is large enough to maneuver large plants, but small enough not to reach the plants from the garden. Thehex drive post hole digger makes it easy to get the plant out without having to lug it home.